Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just Getting Started!

Welcome to this first post of the Art Model Studio blog.  Not much to see here yet.  We are just getting ready to post our first volume of the Art Model Studio in the iBookstore.  Just a few more tweaks and additions and it will be there.

Our first volume will include approximately 60 images of a wonderful model, in a wide variety of looks - all artistically lit and posed.  Here are some sample images from Volume 1.

(Sample images from the ebook.  We preview only "safe" images here.)

Our goal is to offer to the artist community a valuable resource that can be used to practice the basic and advanced skills of the art of figure drawing and all it's related art forms.  The poses will not be scandalous or of the "adult" nature.  We want to provide images that will inspire the artist and not denigrate the model.

We also hope to add some tutorials to this blog from featured artists to help you as you develop your drawing skills.

As we add volumes to our library, we will announce them here, so check back often or subscribe to this blog so you can keep up on our new editions.

And please send us some feedback!  As we develop these resources we want to make sure that your needs are satisfied.  How can we improve?