Monday, April 22, 2013

Great Review! And we are almost there...

It is wonderful as you start a project and you send out a sample or two for some feedback.  When you get some good ideas you appreciate that.  But when you get a glowing review, you LOVE that.  We got this over the weekend from Perry Stewart, an art professor at Utah Valley University. 

"It has never been a simple prospect to find high quality photographic figure drawing references that are tastefully posed, effectively lit and beautifully photographed. I have long looked for photographs I could recommend to my students for figure drawing practice. I am so pleased to find your photo reference book that is filled with high quality, professional photographs that look and feel similar to what one might expect to see in a life drawing classroom. Nothing is more important to the figurative artist than drawing the human form from life. But having professional quality figure drawing references designed specifically for practice might run a close second."
Thanks Perry for the glowing comments and also for the rendering of one of the photos.  We have inserted it into the book as a great example of what you can do with the reference photos.
----- and an update.  We are in the process of all the paperwork on the iTunes Bookstore and will upload the ebook in the next day or two. :)  Ya, we are happy about that!  We will post here when the ebook hits the store.  Thanks for checking in with us!
By the way, we have new volumes already in production.  So, more variety and subjects are coming your way!

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