Friday, December 6, 2013

Volume 4 Update and a new product.

Thanks for your patience!  Volume 4 has been delivered to the iTunes store...and now we wait for its publishing.  The timing of this has always amused me.  Some books hit the market in hours, while some take days.  So, I will post here when it goes live!

We are in the middle of editing a new version of the Art Model Studio.  I have talked with a few Art Instructors and they all assign their students a drawing a day... to keep them busy in the craft.  And yes, you can use the existing series of ibooks in this way, but we thought it might be fun to create some compilation editions with enough images for a months use.  We are in the process of putting together the first edition of this...yet un-named series.  Not just one model, but five different models in one book! It will have images that were not included in the regular series - so there is no duplication in the books.  This first one also has images from a new model, not yet released in our regular series.  (She is Volume 5.)

This new series will be submitted for publishing very soon and will be available soon thereafter.

And with the holidays approaching... you may consider giving iTunes gift cards to your artist friends.

We are also considering an art contest.... keep watching!

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